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Moments of Greatness :: The Mr. Saito Truffle

February 16, 2010

I’m pretty damn proud of this one.  I vainly present to you my first attempt at The Sweet Stuff, The Mr. Saito Truffle.  Jacques Torres would probably le scoff at this one, but I don’t mind.  The outside layers are made from Nói Síríus Icelandic Chocolate, the same stuff mentioned in my previous post.  The inside is a Mr. Saito ganache.  Mr. What? Well, Mr. Saito, of course…

A Mr. Saito is a little known shot of Bailey’s and Rumplemintze shaken and served ice cold.  It’s a siren of a shot, seemingly girly tasting and harmless until the 100 proof Rumplemintze catches up with you.  As legend has it, this potent concoction is what former AWA wrestlers Mr. Saito and Ken Patera were found drinking when they were arrested for throwing a picnic table through the front window of a McDonalds in Suburban Milwaukee.  In turn, this shot has been a longstanding staple for me and my closest friends in our Moments of Greatness, inspiring fear and bravery in the same breath.  We’ve lifted cars and broken furniture, and some have willingly hurled themselves down entire flights of stairs fueled by the benevolence of Mr. Saito.  It’s a lethal Coup de Grace, and somehow it’s always welcome at our table.

So, it seemed fitting that I flavor these truffles with the ingredients for a Mr. Saito.  I doubt they’ll inspire any noteworthy stunts when eaten alone.  But, at the very least, I hope they’ll work, in a flavor memory sense, as a comforting reminder of friends and past Moments of Greatness.  And maybe, just maybe, they’re tasty enough to serve as a seer for even more triumphant days ahead.

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