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The Burn

February 12, 2010

Here it is: My first serious professional kitchen burn, a couple weeks healed, courtesy of a 500 degree roasting pan full of duck bones.  Commercial All-Clad roasting pans are insanely large and cumbersome, especially when they’re screamingly hot and full of bones.  Some would consider the handles to be a design flaw – they’re heavy gauge stainless steel and their weight keeps them folded down flush against the 8″ walls of the roasting pan.  These low mounted handles are impossible to pull away from the walls of the roasting pan when your hands are protected with thick side towels, so you’ll almost always find yourself asking for someone to throw you a pair of tongs.  I lugged the big roaster back to my station where I was assembling ingredients for duck stock and, in poor form, caught my arm on the top edge of the roasting pan while hoisting it up onto the metal counter.  The All-Clad took some skin with it, and what was left immediately filled with fluid.

I’m sure this will leave a nasty scar – which I’ve learned, in the kitchen world, carries some amount of street cred.  The Sous Chef and Garde Manger were quick to show off their matching scars and provide a pat on the back with a hearty “welcome to the club”.  Thanks guys…

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